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We’re changing from the old 9-digit PIN system to using your phone number and a 4 to 6-digit security PIN to login.

This change will make it easier to remember your PIN! On the next screen, just login with your old PIN and we’ll convert you to the new login. From then on, you can use the Phone Number login method.

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About Us

Passionate About Communication

Teltech’s core passion is the innovative development of cell phone technologies and communication products. We work hard for the end-user and believe that a great product can revolutionize the telecom industry, which has grown stagnant with decades-old technology backing their services.

Spoofcard is the revolutionary tool that allows a user to maintain anonymity when making a call. This is done with Spoofcard's many features, the most prominent being the ability for the user to substitute any number as their caller ID.

Additional features include: Option to change the voice to a male or female, in real-time, and an option for the user to record the conversation.

SpoofCard is a subsidiary of TelTech Systems headquartered in New Jersey.