SpoofApp: Banned From The Android Market

We’ve always embraced mobile apps and mobile app stores here at SpoofCard, but unfortunately the app stores haven’t welcomed us with open arms. Apple initially took over 6 months to review SpoofApp, only to reject us and let us know that we were never welcome in the App Store. After that experience, Google’s promise of an “open” platform, with the accompanying Android Market, was music to our ears. We released SpoofApp to the Android Market in the very early days of Android (December 2008) when there was only one phone (the G1) and there weren’t more than a few hundred apps. We ranted and raved about how much we absolutely loved Google for giving us an open platform, an open market, and an equal opportunity.

But that’s all changed.

Google recently decided to pull all Caller ID spoofing apps from the Android Market on the basis that “applications that are designed to spoof Caller ID are illegal, according to United States Federal law.” We covered The Truth in Caller ID Act of 2009 in detail, after it was signed in to law in December 2010, and it should be clear that Caller ID spoofing itself is NOT illegal because of the wording of the bill. We actually supported this bill because of its carefully crafted language! As long as you are using SpoofCard and SpoofApp in a lawful manner and not with the intent to “defraud, cause harm or wrongfully obtain anything of value”, you can continue to use SpoofCard and SpoofApp just as you were prior to this law being enacted.

We, of course, intend to have our lawyers point out the fact that Caller ID spoofing is not outlawed by the Truth In Caller ID Act to Google’s legal department but we’re not holding our breath that this will get us back in the Market.

The good news is that Android still allows users to download apps directly, without the need for the Android Market. So going forward, you can find SpoofApp hosted right here at

(Be sure to enable “installation of non-Market applications” under Settings > Applications > Unknown Sources on your Android phone)

Below is a screenshot of the email response we got from the Android Market Team when we contacted them to see SpoofApp was constantly being removed.

spoofapp android market ban email

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