What You Need to Know to Protect Your Phone Privacy in 2018.

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Here’s how to protect your phone privacy in 2018.

New technology has a way of making people nervous, especially if the benefits are not made clear early on.

When phone spoofing first came out, many people didn’t know how to use it or what it could be used for. The truth is, spoofing is invaluable when it comes to protecting phone privacy.

At SpoofCard, we value phone privacy so much that we decided to create a service that helps to protect your phone number.  We don’t mean to brag, but we do have some experience protecting our phone privacy so we can get more done over the phone.

In this post, we will cover why spoofing is so valuable, and how it can be used to protect your phone privacy.

Caller ID Spoofing is designed to protect your phone privacy.

In today’s world, we typically associate receiving a masked or unknown number with spam, annoyance, and invasion of privacy. However, phone spoofing can be used in many different circumstances to protect your cellular, landline, or work phone number from spammers. In a recent survey, roughly 30% of consumers nationwide stated they would prefer an alternative solution to the Do Not Call Registry to protect their phone number from abuse or misuse.

Phone spoofing is the act of sending a number, other than the one you are calling from, to the telephone network. The receiver of your call will then see this number displayed, instead of your real number.

Phone spoofing is enormously valuable when protecting phone privacy, because it gives you full control over who you share your real caller ID with. Further, for those you don’t wish to share your personal phone number with, spoofing gives you the power to share any caller ID of your choosing.

To ensure your phone number is not falling into the wrong hands, we’ve compiled a list of five key examples of how phone spoofing can protect your phone privacy in everyday life.

Phone protection is important when calling businesses

What’s a sure-fire way to get harassed by telemarketers? Call a salesperson, real estate agent, car salesman, or a contractor with your personal phone number.

Spoofing your phone number when making such calls to businesses or sales representatives can help minimize the risk of receiving spam calls from them in the future.

By calling from altered numbers, you can protect your phone’s privacy and ultimately reduce telemarketers’ ability to reach you. 

Phone spoofing to increases your professionalism.

Caller ID spoofing has numerous uses in a professional application. Law enforcement officials and private investigators who are tasked with finding suspects, persons of interest, or missing persons, frequently use caller ID spoofing to help locate these people.

Doctors and veterinarians also value spoof calling & texting. This is because spoofing allows them to communicate important information to patients without granting direct access to their personal numbers.

Other professionals, especially those who travel, use spoofing services such as SpoofCard because it gives them the ability to call clients from their cell phone, but display the caller ID of their office line instead.

Phone privacy is important when dating online. 

When using an online dating website, spoofing your phone number for calls and texts is a smart move. This helps ensure your privacy is protected when you first get to know a new love interest. 

SpoofCard has helped thousands of online daters protect their privacy when first communicating with their love interests online.

By spoofing your phone number for calls or texts with SpoofCard, if your date or match turns out to be a creep, you remove the hassle of needing to change your phone number. Or worse, worry about being stalked!

Protecting your number helps when navigating personal or professional conflict. 

Spoofed calls and texts can be used to manage tougher life situations and help solve conflicts. Calling from a spoofed number can help manage difficult business situations, relationship turmoil, and important family matters.

Many spoofed call providers also offer services for “Ringless Voicemail.” This allows you to call a person’s voicemail directly and leave a message. This feature can be helpful when you need to deliver an important message but need to save time. It’s also been used to help avoid conflict when a phone call is necessary.

The high volume of spam that’s present in today’s environment has made it necessary to take extra steps to protect your number. SpoofCard helps make it easy to protect your phone number when both texting and making calls.


Your Phone Privacy is Important.

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