Spoof Burner: 4 Simple Steps To Complete Privacy

SpoofCard’s Spoof Burner feature provides an easy and low-cost way to protect your number, while still being able to have easy two-way communication. Regular spoofing only allows for one-way calling, but with Spoof Burner, you can receive calls back on your spoofed number as well. Calls only cost one credit per minute, whether you’re making a call or receiving one through your Spoof Burner.

How To Place A Spoof Burner Call

Step 1: Click on the Spoof Burner tab in your online account.


Step 2: Enter the number you want to call.


Step 3: Select the caller ID you want to display from our list of available numbers.


Step 4: Enter the phone number where you would like to receive calls. This is where you’ll receive calls if your destination number calls you back. Note: They will never see this number. It is only so we know where to route the return call.


Once that is completed, click “Place Your Call.” You’ll be given the number to call to connect your Spoof Burner call. That’s all there is to it! 

Have questions? Here are some frequently asked questions and answers.

What is Spoof Burner?

Spoof Burner allows you to call any U.S. and Canadian phone number from a local number. Best of all, when you use this feature, you’ll be able to receive calls back on the number you’ve spoofed as! Now, you can finally have true anonymity whether placing a call or receiving one back.

How much does it cost?

Spoof Burner costs one credit per minute for outgoing calls. If you receive a return call on Spoof Burner, you’ll be charged one credit per minute for the duration of the call.

Where is it available?

Spoof Burner is available on our website, and we plan to expand to our mobile apps in the near future.

Where can I call with Spoof Burner?

Currently, SpoofCard only supports calls to U.S. and Canadian numbers.

Why do I need to select a local number from a list?

In order to receive a call back on the number you’ve displayed on caller ID, you’ll need to display a phone number we own. This method allows us to forward any return calls directly to you while still protecting your personal number.

How will I know if I’m receiving a call back with Spoof Burner?

Right before the call rings on your phone, you’ll receive a text message from SpoofCard. This text message will tell you the number of the person returning your call and will also let you know they’re calling you back through your Spoof Burner.

What happens if I do not answer the call or miss it?

The call will go through the same process as any normal phone call. If you miss the call or do not answer, the caller will be forwarded to your normal voicemail.

Will I get charged for a return call even if I don’t answer?

You’ll be charged one credit for the return call being forwarded to your phone. Should they leave a voicemail, you’ll also be charged one credit per minute for the duration of the voicemail message.

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