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About Spoofcard

What is SpoofCard?

SpoofCard offers the ability to change what someone sees on their caller ID display when they receive a phone call from you. To spoof a call, you simply dial one of SpoofCard's access numbers, and you'll be prompted to enter the destination number followed by the phone number to appear on caller ID. It's that easy! You can also initiate a Group Spoof call (spoof call to multiple numbers simultaneously) from the dashboard page!

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Is SpoofCard legal?

Each of the capabilities of SpoofCard is legal in the US. However, certain uses may be illegal depending on which state you are calling from or to. For example, a handful of states have passed laws that make it illegal to spoof caller ID for certain purposes, such as "to mislead, defraud or deceive the recipient of a telephone call." Before using the spoofing capability of SpoofCard, you should determine whether the use you will make of the service is legal in the state where you are calling from and the state where the party you are calling is located. In addition, it may be a violation of the federal Wiretap Act or certain state statutes to create a Group spoof and not disclose to others on the call that you are listening in on the call. You should protect yourself from possible federal or state criminal prosecution by informing the other parties that you are listening to their conversation.

In addition, it is illegal under the law of numerous states to record a telephone call without informing the other party that the call is being recorded. Before using the recording capability of SpoofCard, you should determine whether it is legal in the state where you are calling from and the state where the party you are calling is located to record the call without informing the called party. If you do not know whether such recording is legal in both states, you should protect yourself from possible state criminal prosecution by informing the other party that you are recording the conversation. SpoofCard cannot monitor conversations to determine whether they are being legally spoofed or recorded. SpoofCard disclaims any and all liability or responsibility for your use of the Card's spoofing or recording capability.

OTHER COUNTRIES makes no representation or warranty as to the legality of the use of SpoofCard or any of its capabilities in any country other than the United States of America. As with calls in the United States, SpoofCard cannot monitor international conversations to determine whether they are being legally spoofed or recorded. It is your responsibility to determine whether the use of the spoofing, recording and other capabilities of SpoofCard are legal in the country where you are calling to or from. SPOOFCARD.COM EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL LIABILITY OF ANY KIND FOR YOUR USE OF ANY OF THE SPOOFCARD SERVICES IN ANY COUNTRY OTHER THAN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

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How do I buy SpoofCard credits?

Buying SpoofCard credits are easy! Head over to our Buy page and select the amount of credits you wish to buy. Once your payment is complete, you can begin using SpoofCard immediately.

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How do I use SpoofCard?

Once your account has been created, you can place a Spoof call via the dashboard page or by simply dialing one of our access numbers. For video tutorials on how to use SpoofCard visit our tutorials page.

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Using Spoofcard

Can I spoof internationally with SpoofCard?

Yes, SpoofCard now offers international calling capabilities! But make sure that you have read all these FAQs so that you understand the risks and responsibilities of using SpoofCard internationally.

SpoofCard is able to offer clients the ability to make international calls without displaying their actual caller ID. However, the spoofed Caller ID you choose will only be displayed properly in countries where the caller ID technology used is compatible with the caller ID signaling system used in the United States. If the technology in the called country is not compatible, there will be no caller ID or a different caller ID than the one you have selected will appear.

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What are some examples of SpoofCard uses?

There are thousands of examples of SpoofCard use! For instance, business professionals such as doctors can return calls using their personal telephones without disclosing phone numbers they prefer to keep private. Also, the free call recording feature enables many businesses to have a record of a verbal order or transaction that can be referred back to later.

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Can I spoof any number and have it show up on the Caller ID?

For calls to North America, almost any 10 digit number can be used as the caller ID. Not only will the number show up, but if the called party subscribes to a commercial caller ID service the "Caller ID Name" registered for that number will also automatically appear. However, to prevent fraud, impersonation of police officers, and other criminal behavior, our servers are programmed not to complete certain calls. For example, our network will prevent the use of many numbers as spoofed numbers, including 911 and certain numbers belonging to law enforcement agencies and financial institutions. Similarly, our network also blocks or selects a random spoofed number on calls to certain telephone numbers, such as financial institutions.

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What number will show up on the phone bill of the person whom I call?

Whatever number you enter as the spoof number will show up on the bill of the person you called. They won't ever see your actual phone number!

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Spoofcard Privacy

Can calls be traced back to me by the person I am calling?

No. That person will only see the spoofed Caller ID.

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How safe is my data?

All information which passes between our servers and your computer is encrypted using a technology called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the same technology that banks use to protect data. In addition, we keep your accounts financial, personal and call records confidential. However, if there is illegal activity and we are served with a subpoena, we will cooperate with the court or law enforcement agency.

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