4 Nifty SpoofCard Features You (Probably) Didn’t Know About

If you’re like the majority of SpoofCard users, most of what you use SpoofCard for is changing your Caller ID… But did you know that SpoofCard has some other really cool features you should take advantage of?

Here are the top 4 nifty Spoofcard Features you

10 Years of SpoofCard

We woke up this week and realized that our crazy little idea for a website that could take Caller ID spoofing to the next level, with free call recording and free voice changers, is now a full 10 years old. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

We’d like to take a minute to thank YOU, the users, for so much support over the years. It’s because of you that

Call Spoofing for Real Estate Professionals and Landlords

Caller ID spoofing is a tool that hundreds of thousands of real estate professionals and landlords use every day to stay one step ahead of their competitors in ever-evolving marketplaces. Most landlords only get one or two opportunities a year to implement rent increases. That is just one or two opportunities to account for changing utility prices, taxes, new market inventory, etc. If you get it wrong and overprice the market you can sit with vacancies. Underprice the market and you can quickly end up in the red.  Real estate managers have to know where their competitors are setting their prices at all times to make good business decisions, but competitors do not necessarily want to share that information. Call spoofing helps landlords gauge their

Want to Place Free Prank Calls? Here’s How.

Prank calls can be really really funny if you do them right. Here’s how to get started pranking people for FREE.

All you have to do is go to our Free Demo Page, input your email address, and get spoofing!

This will allow you to send calls from your phone or laptop for free. There are some restrictions though: your calls can only be about a minute long.

If you want to automatically record your free prank calls or have them last more than a minute, that’ll require a paid account.

Here are some ideas for great free pranks you can do with Caller ID spoofing.

Spoofed? Here’s What It Means.

Have you gotten a “spoofed” phone call recently? In this post I will explain what getting a spoofed call means & why it happened.

Most people know to hang up on con artists supposedly calling from the power company or the IRS, demanding money. The problem is, there’s little the police can do — even when the scammers go so far as to impersonate the police themselves.

Caller ID spoofing is the practice of causing the telephone network to indicate to the receiver of a call that the originator of the call is a station other than the true originating station. 

For example,

Skiptracers, Private Investigators & The Power of the Spoof

Skiptracers, repo-men, and private detectives live by the motto, “You can run but you can’t hide,” and thanks to call spoofing, much of their work finding fugitives and debtors can be achieved without ever leaving their desks. Most people on the run need the support of friends and family to survive, and skiptracers use this to their advantage every day. While it is easy to ignore a call from an unknown caller ID, even hardened criminals pick up the phone when it’s their mother calling.

In an article titled, The Secret Life of Private Investigators,  The New York Times describes Caller ID spoofing as “making it seem as if a phone call is coming from a friend’s phone, say, rather than a detective agency, thus making it more likely that the person they are trying to hunt down will answer the call.”

Good skiptracers don’t outwait, they outwit . . .

$229,500 Fine For Robocall Abuse Highlights Bigger Issue

It’s bad enough when you answer a call with a blocked Caller ID and a human is on the other end. Answering a call to find a recording on the line, however, adds insult to injury.

How can it be worse? What about when the recording is late at night, or bugging you about something that has nothing to do with you?

Araceli King of Irving, Texas received 153 robocalls from Time Warner Cable – calls that continued even after she told the company they had the wrong number. This week, a judge awarded King $229,500 in damages from the company, tripling the penalty of $1,500 per call. The judge said he decided to send a message since the company made many of the calls even after the lawsuit was filed. According to Sergei Lemberg, the lawyer in the suit against the company said, “Millions of U.S. consumers get robocalls. Only a few of them take it a step forward and get a lawyer.”

It is satisfying to

Dr. Spoof – How SpoofCard Can Help Doctors Call Their Patients On The Weekends

Doctors have to work long hours and are almost always on call. As a result, they treasure their private time and privacy in their personal life and this includes keeping their personal numbers secret from their patients. One thing doctors hate to do is make calls from their personal phones because they know their patients will then have access to them at anytime. It’s not that doctors don’t love their patients or want to be reachable when something is urgent, but the fact is that they would rather have someone screen their incoming patient calls to protect the rare free time they have. Answering services are very effective at helping sort through incoming patient calls during off hours and routing the most urgent ones to the doctor.

So what is a doctor to do on the weekends when they have to call a patient? That’s where SpoofCard comes to the rescue. SpoofCard allows doctors to make calls from their cell phone but

SpoofCard Joins The Revolution, Now Accepting Bitcoin Payments

*Update* Bitcoin is no longer accepted on SpoofCard.

We’re happy to announce that SpoofCard now accepts Bitcoin digital currency for all web purchases.

At SpoofCard, we strongly believe that the added privacy benefits of Bitcoin, and the decentralized nature of the currency, will lead to the next revolution in payments. We saw PayPal revolutionize internet payments 15 years ago, we’re seeing it to a lesser extent with in-app purchases, and we believe we’ve seen what’s next in Bitcoin. The increased privacy and anonymity when paying with Bitcoin also aligns perfectly with SpoofCard’s goal of helping users protect their privacy when making phone calls.

We’ve chosen Coinbase to handle our Bitcoin payments, which is also used by top internet services, such as Reddit, OK Cupid, Khan Academy and The Fancy. We’re confident Coinbase is a solid choice for us, with their great reputation and deep ties to the technology community in Silicon Valley.

To make a SpoofCard purchase with Bitcoin, just select the “Pay with Bitcoin” button on our checkout page and follow the simple instructions at Coinbase.

SpoofCard Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

Introducing New Realistic Background Noises For Your Phone Calls: Dogs Barking, The Airport & Police Sirens

Today we’re launching not one, not two, but THREE new background noises to add to your spoofed calls so you can sound like your anywhere! With the introduction of dogs barking, the airport terminal, and police sirens, SpoofCard now features eight realistic background noises to choose from.

You might be wondering why you’d want to add background noises to your calls. Besides having some fun with your friends, you can use the car honking background noise to make it sound like you’re stuck in traffic on your way to work when you call your boss! Need to call someone back but want to make sure the call is kept short? Use the cell phone interference noise to make it sound like you’ve got a bad connection! Make it sound like you’re outside in a crowd, when you know you’re sitting at home without anything exciting happening! The possibilities are endless, for both the real world and fun pranks. Best of all, there are no extra fees for adding voice changers or background noises to your calls with SpoofCard!

Our new background noises are available on our mobile and desktop websites, along with our mobile apps.

SpoofCard Background Noises

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